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We can get immediate release of IRS paycheck wage garnishments. Since 1982, former IRS agents who know the system. Affordable!

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We are a full service tax firm that specializes in the immediate releases of IRS paycheck levy wage garnishments.

To stop an IRS wage garnishment levy we have to know where you are in the system. If you are in the process of receiving a 1058 notice which tells you that IRS is threatening the levy we can immediately stop them by filing a power of attorney and having the case put on freeze until we can get certain information to them.

If you have already received the levy we file a power of attorney as well as a financial statement and get a wage levy released in settle your case all at the same time.

We are composed of former IRS agents, managers and teaching instructors who have over 65 years of direct IRS work experience.

We are the affordable professional tax firm that can get an IRS a paycheck wage levy garnishment released and settle your case all at the same time.

As a general rule, the IRS sends a paycheck wage levy garnishment out because a taxpayer has not responded to the final notice is for seizure.

As a general rule, the Internal Revenue Service sends out five notices to taxpayers before they seize. the paycheck levy is the quickest and fastest way for the Internal Revenue Service to get your attention.

Last year the IRS sent out 1.8 million bank and wage garnishment levies.

IRS  collects billions of dollars a year by the use of its bank levy and wage garnishment or paycheck system.

They are set up on five-week billing cycles. Many times taxpayers have never received the IRS final notice.

When you call our firm and retainer our firm you’ll never have to speak to the Internal Revenue Service.

As a general rule, within 24 hours of receiving your current documented financial statement we can provide for you paycheck wage garnishment assistance and provide a tax levy relief for you. We will also settle your case at the same time.


Settlements include having your case put into:

1.currently not collectible,

2.making a monthly payment or,

3. settling your tax debt for pennies on a dollar.


The tax statistics show that 40% of all people who owe back taxes are placed in currently not collectible or hardship,  6.5 million people are placed into payment agreements, and close to 40,000 people have their cases settle to the offer in compromise program.

Your current financial statement fully documented will determine this course of action. The preparation of your financial statements key to any and all settlements.


Information about Paycheck Wage Levy Garnishments


The IRS generally uses Form 668–W(ICS) or 668-W(C)DO to levy an individual‘s wages, salary (including fees, bonuses, commissions, and similar items) or other income.

Form 668-W(ICS) and/or 668-W(C)(DO) also provides notice of levy on a taxpayer’s benefit or retirement income.

The IRS generally uses Form 668–A(C)DO to levy other property that a third-party is holding. for example, this form is used to levy bank accounts and business receivables.

Employers generally have at least one full pay period after receiving a Form 668-W(ICS) or 668-W(C)DO, Notice of Levy on Wages, Salary and Other Income (or other levy form) before they are required to send any funds from their employee’s wages to the IRS. 

Employers should encourage your employees that have a levy placed on their wages to contact the IRS as soon as possible to discuss a release of levy and resolution of their tax liability. These IRS levies are not going  away until IRS’s contacted in the issue a release.


IRS Wage Levy garnishments levies are continuous

The Internal Revenue Code allows for continuous levies with respect to wages, salaries and certain other types of property.

This means that a levy on wages and salaries continuously attached until it is released. The quicker you call IRS with the current financial statement the sooner you will get your IRS wage garnishment levy released.

Examples of property continuously attached include:

1. Salary and wages, and
2.Deferred compensation payments, such as retirement or pension income.


Amount owed to IRS

Levy forms include a “Total Amount Due.” This amount is calculated through the date shown below the total amount due. Interest and any applicable penalties will continue to accrue after the date shown.

To get an updated payoff figure, the person who owes the tax liability will need to contact the IRS. This information cannot be released to the employer.

A continuous wage levy may last for some time.688W.

When all the tax shown on the levy is paid in full, the IRS will issue a Form 668-D, Release of Levy/Release of Property from Levy.

The IRS may also release a levy if the taxpayer makes other arrangements to pay their tax debt.


IRS Paycheck Wage levy garnishments exempt amount:

In the case of a levy on wages, the employer will pay the employee any amounts exempt from levy. The IRS calculates the exempt amount based on the standard deduction and the number of personal exemptions the employee is allowed.

IRS Publication 1494 (PDF), which is mailed with the Form 668-W(ICS) or 668-W(C)DO, explains to the employer how to compute the amount exempt from levy.

A levy includes a Statement of Exemptions and Filing Status.

The employer gives this statement to the employee to complete and return within three days.

If the employer does not receive the statement in three days, the exempt amount is figured as if the person is married filing separately with one exemption.

The IRS will notify the employer when the taxpayer is not entitled to levy exemptions.

If a wage levy continues from one calendar year to the next, the employee may submit a new Statement of Exemptions and Filing Status and ask their employer to re-compute the exempt amount.


IRS bank and other IRS tax levies

When the levy is on a bank, credit union or similar account, the Internal Revenue Code provides for a 21-day waiting period before the bank must comply with the levy. T

he waiting period allows the taxpayer time to contact the IRS and arrange to pay the tax or notify the IRS of errors in the levy.

Generally, IRS levies are delivered via U.S. mail.

The date and time of delivery of the levy is the time when the levy is considered to have been made.

This means funds in the account are frozen as of the date and time the levy is received. Normally, the levy does not affect funds deposited to the account after the date of the levy.

If a release of levy from the IRS is not received within 21 days of receipt of the levy, funds in the account as of the date and time the levy was received must be sent to the IRS.

If you are in need of immediate IRS wage levy garnishment assistance call us today for a free initial tax consultation.

We are A+ rated by the better business and have been in private practice since 1982. When you call our office you will speak to a true tax professional about being able to stop a levy on wages right now.


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