Wage Garnishment - Bank Account Frozen

Do not be bullied by the IRS, I can get your money from a frozen bank account returned back in your hands.

Being Former IRS Agent gives me the edge over all the competition because we know the system and techniques to make this happen quickly and for affordable pricing.

Our tax firm is composed of Board Certified Tax Attorneys, Tax Lawyers, CPA’s and Former IRS Agents, Managers and Instructors who have over 60 years of direct IRS work experience in the local, district and regional offices of the IRS.

We have a combined 206 years of total tax and IRS experience. We also taught Tax Law at the IRS and know the exact process to get a tax levy released.

We have released thousands of tax levies and wage garnishments since 1982 and we are “A” rated by the Better Business Bureau.

The added advantage of using me is the fact that not only will you get your money back on a frozen bank account or a tax levy, your case will also be settled.

How I. can immediately get Notices of Bank Levy, Wage Garnishments and Frozen Bank Accounts Released.

Being former IRS Agents, Managers and Instructors we have issued thousands of IRS Wage Garnishments and Bank Tax Levies as former IRS employees. We know exactly how to quickly get the tax levy released and get your case settled with the IRS.


Get results today from frozen bank accounts. Get your tax levy released and your case settled.

Call me for a no-cost professional tax consult and speak directly to a certified tax professional.

All my work is guaranteed.

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