If you have received an IRS notice that you still owe back tax contact us today and we will review all your options that are possible. Since 1982.<><


We are Christian tax firm that specializes in IRS tax debt.

If you have received an IRS tax notice, tax bill, tax letter contact us today for a free initial tax consultation and speak to a true Christian tax firm, since 1982.


We are former IRS agents, managers, and teaching instructors that know all the methodologies in every possible option to settle your tax debt in the most affordable and efficient way.

As former IRS agents, we worked out of the South Florida Internal Revenue Service offices as revenue officers, revenue agents, appellate officers and office auditors.


We know all the methodologies to go ahead and solve your back tax debt or tax problem from an IRS notice, representation going to appeals or preparation for Tax Court.

 We do it all.

Come by and our offices, Skype us or call us by voice today we look forward to hearing from you.

We are the fast, friendly and affordable professional tax firm in South Florida.


IRS has many notices and the letters that they sent as a result of taxpayers owing back tax.

Once you are in the IRS system of notice and letters, they will not go away until your back tax issue is resolved.

IRS has a variety of notices, up to eight, that they can send for taxpayers who owe back taxes.

It’s always best to keep in touch with the Internal Revenue Service if you owe back taxes because at some point you will get enforcement notices in which IRS will send out bank levies, wage garnishments and file federal tax liens in many situations.

Always stay ahead of this not behind it or you may wake up one day with no money in the bank.

Please remember more than anything this will not go away by itself.

If you wish to know how you can settle your tax debt with IRS call us today and we will review every option for you to make sure this is the most affordable exit strategy for you in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service.


If you have received your CP71D Notice

What this notice is about

You received this notice to remind you of the amount you owe in tax, penalty and interest.

What you need to do

• Read your notice carefully — it will explain how much money you owe on your taxes.

You may too:
• Make payment arrangements if you cannot pay the full amount you owe.
• Learn more about your payment options and how to make a payment arrangement.
• Call us today.


We are a Christian tax firm that specializes in all IRS tax matters.

Since 1982 we are the affordable Christian nationwide tax firm that specializes in IRS tax filing debt and any state tax resolution.

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Mr. Michael D. Sullivan

Michael D. Sullivan is the founder of MD Sullivan Tax Group. He had a distinguished career with the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer / Agent, he served as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist.

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