Owe IRS Taxes  + We are a Affordable Christian, faith based tax settlement debt services firm that specializes in IRS Problems.


We are tax affordable experts in tax problems with the IRS & State. We can offer you options to help pay back taxes and debt owed to the IRS

We have over €200 professional tax experience and over 100 years of working directly for the Internal Revenue Service and the local, district, and regional tax offices of the IRS.

We are true experts when it comes to Christian tax debt resolution relief.

We are SMALL BUSINESS Experts in Tax Resolution EXPERTS For IRS DEBT Problems. We are a group of Christian Tax Professionals, Since 1982

Immediate free tax consultations. Hear the truth about help with owing back taxes to the IRS. <><


How do you discern solid Christian godly counsel?

Psalm 37: 30

The godly offer good counsel, they know what is right from wrong.

Proverbs 18: 2

Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to offer their own opinions.


We are also referred by Crown Financial Ministries, a national Christian ministry.


We are staffed with Christian tax attorneys, tax lawyers, CPA’s, tax accountants Former IRS agents and a plethora of other Christian tax professionals who can deal with IRS/State tax debt.

Let all our experience and Christian advice be your best friend.

Fact : Last year alone over 14 million people did not file or pay their taxes timely.

Businesses are looked at a lot more closely than individuals. Generally IRS knows that businesses are more complicated and they usually have more experience in season agents look at and review the cases.

It’s really important for businesses that are running into IRS problems is that they stay current, that is, to make payments in the current year so they don’t continue to run up tax debt.

I cannot tell you the importance of this. If you are a business and you’re not current making your payroll estimate or withholding payments, to do everything in your power to do so because it will make a world of difference negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service.

We are former IRS agents, managers and teaching instructors and know all the methodologies, settlement theories and negotiation strategies to resolve any tax debt that may be facing you.

We have worked thousands of cases and we have been former IRS agents, managers, supervisors and teaching instructors.

We can exact remedy to end your IRS tax problem file your back tax returns and settle your back tax problems whether it be individual or back business tax problems.


The process to help pay/settle  back taxes owed to the IRS.

Many of the taxpayers who call us need to file back tax returns and their variety of reasons why taxpayers have not who have not filed. The reason makes no difference. The bottom line is, sooner or later you have to file back tax returns.

We have a very easy and simple process to file all your back tax returns and settle your debt all at the same time.


Important,  Filing all your Back Taxes with IRS, all tax returns must be filed.

With or without records we can complete all your tax returns due to our enormous amount of experience we have in filing back tax returns.

We can simply pull IRS transcripts and prepare all back tax returns or we can prepare back tax returns to the process of IRS reconstructions. As former IRS agents and auditors we know exactly how to file your back tax returns with no records.


Tax Debt Options for Settling Back IRS/State Tax Debt owed to IRS.

There are three basic ways that taxpayers settle their current tax situation for back taxes with the Internal Revenue Service.

There are different ways to settle IRS tax debt and there are generally three programs that the taxpayer can qualify for to pay back taxes owed to IRS.

The first is a hardship or currently non-collectible program.

There is good news and bad news about this program. After IRS takes a current documented financial statement, IRS may determine you are not collectible at the current time. IRS will suspend your case for a period of 1 to 3 years and put a freeze on it.

The good news is IRS’s off your back for a couple of years and the bad news is penalties and interest still run on it.

Taxpayer should also be aware that the case will come out every couple of years to be reviewed. Its only a part time fix.

The second program is the installment agreement or monthly payment.


After IRS takes a current financial statement they will determine how much money they expect from you on a monthly basis. IRS has certain national standards test that they use to determine if the taxpayer will be placed into a payment agreement. You can find the national standards on our site.


The third way to sell your debt is to qualify for an offer in compromise, this is where you can settle your debt for pennies on the dollar. it’s important for taxpayers to understand that not all are eligible for the offer in compromise program.

There is a pre-qualifier tool. I suggest everyone who wants to go the route was the direction of the offer make sure they are truly qualified before wasting time and money.

As a former IRS agent I taught the offer in compromise program at the IRS. I can tell you within seconds of your settlement candidate.

After review of your current financial statement we will let you know which of the program to qualify for and start to remove IRS out of your life and help pay back taxes.


Call us today for free initial tax consultation and we will walk you through the process and tell you how many years you have to file and let you know the different tax strategies based on your current financial conditions. <><


You will never have to speak to the Internal Revenue Service, ever. We handle all the communication. Feel free to call us by voice or Skype us directly. <>< We are a full-service firm with all work being done in-house.

When you call our office you will speak to a true tax professional and not a salesperson.

We are true experts for help with IRS taxes.

We know the system inside and out and have saved thousands of dollars for clients over the years.


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Mr. Michael D. Sullivan

Michael D. Sullivan is the founder of MD Sullivan Tax Group. He had a distinguished career with the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer / Agent, he served as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist.

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