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We are true experts for tax preparer tax audits by the Internal Revenue Service.

We the affordable tax experts.

Your nationwide tax firm that specializes in any IRS tax audit especially those for tax preparers who are having compliance issues.

As former IRS agents, we know exactly how the IRS audits tax preparers.


The IRS is on the warpath  and they have set up special groups to go after small tax companies who they have flagged for tax audits. IRS is finding the tax preparers that have smaller offices the main culprits in they’re taking a closer look because many preparers are taking opportunities  that do not comply with tax law.

There are multiple reasons IRS has pulled your company for a tax audit.

As a former IRS agent do not go in this unrepresented. We have over 200 years professional tax experience, over 100 years of direct IRS work experience in the local, district, and the regional tax office the entire Internal Revenue Service.

We are composed of CPAs, former revenue agents, formal revenue officers, former supervisors and managers.

We know all the methodologies to help you through your tax audit and minimize any potential problems or penalties that you may have.

Why Have a Preparer Compliance Program?

We estimate around 24 percent of all EITC claims have some type of mistake which cost the government roughly $16 billion in 2017. We are completing a study for the ACTC and AOTC error rates and will have that information soon.

Some errors are caused by misinterpreting the law; some because the preparer accepted client-provided information at face value and others are outright fraud. You, as part of the tax preparation community, are crucial in stemming these errors because paid preparers complete the majority of refundable credit claims.

We know most paid preparers practice due diligence and prepare accurate refundable credit claims. But, we developed this preparer compliance program to ensure you compete on a level playing field.

Where Do We Find Most Errors?

About 60 percent of EITC errors fall into three key categories:

• claiming a child who does not meet the relationship or residency tests,

• over-or under-reporting income or business expenses to maximize the credit, and

• filing as single or head of household when legally married.

The most common CTC/ACTC errors are:

• claiming the CTC/ACTC for a child who is over 16 years old at the end of the tax year,

• claiming the CTC/ACTC for a child who doesn’t meet the dependent qualifying child requirements, and

• claiming the CTC/ACTC for a child who was not a U.S. citizen, U.S. national or a U.S. resident.

The most common AOTC errors are:

• claiming AOTC for a student who didn’t attend an eligible educational institution,
• claiming AOTC for a student who didn’t pay qualifying college expenses, and
• claiming AOTC for a student for too many years.

What are the Paid Preparer Compliance Treatments?

Preparers filing returns claiming questionable credits may receive any of the tiered treatments listed below:

• Reaching Out to Preparers

• Knock and Talk Visits

• Auditing for Due Diligence Compliance

• Barring Non-Compliant EITC Preparers from Completing Tax Returns

• Additional Forceful Actions Taken Against Return Preparers Filing False Refundable

Credit Claims

The IRS can assess a $500* (indexed for inflation) penalty per return to preparers who do not submit the Form 8867, Paid Preparers Due Diligence Checklist, with all EITC, CTC/ACTC and  AOTC claims.

The penalty for returns filed beginning in 2019 is $520.

IRS Tax Audit + Tax Preparer Compliance Experts *former irs agents experts + NATIONWIDE Experts

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