Mike Sullivan’s first Hand IRS Experience Says It All!

If you have received a CP 3219A Notice and are wondering what to do, Mike Sullivan can be your go-to tax advisor. Mike is a former IRS retiree and has about ten years of experience. After retirement, he decided to help the taxpayers with first-hand tax knowledge.

You may be worried about the financial burden of the additional tax, or you may feel frustrated and confused about the IRS’s findings. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Mike will pull the curtains and show you the easiest way to solve your IRS Notice Of Deficiency in less than 90 days.

Yes, you heard that right.
He believes that to truly resolve a notice letter in 90 days-

  • One must first understand the urgency from the IRS’s standpoint.
  • One must clear the tax debt to date.
  • One must present proper documentation.

Know When Does IRS Issue This IRS 90 day letter

  • Information Mismatch: The IRS may discover inconsistencies between the data provided by employers or banks and the information reported on your tax return.
  • Post-Audit Discrepancies: The notice can result from an IRS audit where discrepancies were identified after reviewing your tax return.
  • Underreported Income: The IRS might have determined that you have underreported your income based on their data.
  • Math Errors: Simple calculation errors on your tax return can also trigger this notice.
  • Claimed Credits or Deductions: You may have claimed credits or deductions the IRS believes you are not entitled to.

If you do not want to be one of those who face consequences due to inaction, then

Know The Perks Of Hiring A Tax Professional -Mike Sulivan Is One Of Them!

Expertise in Tax Law
Tax professionals deeply understand tax laws, regulations, and procedures. Their knowledge can be invaluable in understanding the nuances of your situation and ensuring you’re adhering to all relevant laws and guidelines.

Reviewing the Notice
They can thoroughly review the Notice of Deficiency, ensuring you understand every aspect of it, identifying any areas where the IRS might have erred.

Documentation and Evidence Gathering
A tax professional knows what kind of documentation the IRS will consider valid and relevant. They can guide you in gathering the necessary records and evidence to support your case.

Communication with the IRS
Handling conversations with the IRS can be intimidating. Tax professionals can communicate directly with the IRS on your behalf, ensuring that all discussions are clear, concise, and focused on resolving the issue.

Negotiation Skills
If there’s a legitimate reason you owe additional taxes but can’t afford to pay them, a tax professional can negotiate a payment plan or even a reduced settlement on your behalf.

Representation in Tax Court
Certain tax professionals, especially tax attorneys, can represent you if you petition the U.S. Tax Court over the deficiency. They’ll be well-versed in court procedures and effectively advocate for your position.

Accuracy in Amendments
If it’s determined that an amended return is needed, a tax professional can ensure the new return is accurate and optimize your tax situation.

Preventing Future Notices
Beyond resolving the current issue, a tax professional can provide guidance on how to properly maintain records, report income, and take deductions to prevent similar issues in the future.

Ignoring an IRS Notice of Deficiency (CP 3219A): Consequences of Inaction

Assessment of Proposed Tax: Once the 90-day period expires without a response from the taxpayer, the IRS will assess the tax based on the proposed changes in the Notice of Deficiency. This means they will finalize the amount they believe you owe.

Penalties and Interest: The amount you owe will begin accruing interest from the return’s original due date. Additionally, penalties can be assessed for late payment, which will further increase the amount you owe.

Loss of Right to Challenge: If you do not file a petition with the U.S. Tax Court within the 90-day period, you generally lose the right to challenge the tax assessment in court. Your only recourse would be to pay the tax and then file a claim for a refund.

Collections Process Begins: Once the tax is assessed, the IRS will initiate their collection process if the tax isn’t paid. This could include:
Sending demand notices for payment.

  • Filing a federal tax lien against your property.
  • Garnishing wages or levying bank accounts.
  • Seizing assets or property.

Potential Loss of Passport: The IRS can report the debt to the State Department for significant tax debts, which can revoke your passport or deny renewal until the tax debt is resolved.

Impact on Credit Score: Unresolved tax debts, especially when they result in tax liens, can negatively impact your credit score.

Additional Costs: If the issue goes to collections or involves further legal processes, there could be additional costs and fees involved, which could compound the financial burden.

Why a Tax Professional Can Be of Real Help with IRS Issues After 90 Days

Negotiating becomes easy with the IRS
Even after the 90-day window, a tax professional can negotiate on your behalf. This can involve setting up payment plans, negotiating penalty abatement, or even settling for a lesser amount in some cases.

Assistance with Collections
If your unpaid bill has entered the collection process, a tax professional can guide you through your rights and options. They can prevent wage garnishments, bank levies, or property seizures.

Filing for an Offer in Compromise
If you cannot pay the full tax bill, a tax professional can help you submit an Offer in Compromise, a request to the IRS to settle for less than the full amount due.

Correcting Past Errors
If the bill results from an error or misunderstanding, a tax professional can help you file an amended return or provide documentation to rectify the situation.

Future Prevention in tax issues
Alongside addressing the immediate issue, a tax professional can provide advice and strategies to ensure you’re better prepared in the future, preventing similar issues from arising.

Contact Michael Sullivan
Mike Sullivan, a former IRS agent with a remarkable track record of successfully settling over 10,000 cases, offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grasp difficult tax concerns.
Mr. Sullivan’s expertise is the first-hand experience you obtain immediately if you face tax debt, audits, or seeking counsel on IRS offer acceptance and concessions. For years, he has been committed to providing clear, actionable solutions.

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Mr. Michael D. Sullivan

Michael D. Sullivan is the founder of MD Sullivan Tax Group. He had a distinguished career with the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer / Agent, he served as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist.

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