We are a full-service tax defense firm that has been in practice since 1982 right here in South Florida. Free tax consultation from true specialist and experts.


We are the friendly, experienced, and affordable tax firm. We have been resolving cases in South Florida and of the premier tax settlement company.


We have worked thousands of cases since 1982 through every level of the Internal Revenue Service. We have worked in almost every single position in IRS collection and audit.

Since 1982, we have been resolving IRS tax issues and we have an amazing history of successful client work and satisfied customers and that is due to the experience we have in dealing with IRS tax problems and tax issues and IRS tax relief.



On staff are former IRS agents, managers and teaching instructors who were supervisors and managers while working at the Internal Revenue Service.We have a whole team of professional experts that work  at our firm. Your case is assigned to the tax expert that has the greatest area of expertise.

As a result of all of our work experience, we understand the methodologies and all the procedures to close IRS cases in the most prudent and affordable manner. True IRS tax resolution should be handled by experienced veterans who work thousands of cases.

Each case has its own unique set of circumstances so we will customize a specific plan of action based on your set of circumstances and financial matters. There are no two cases alike. Usually what is meant by unique set of circumstances are the financial conditions that exist of the time of negotiation with the Internal Revenue Service.

You will never have to speak to Internal Revenue Service we will handle all communication with you to you and with the Internal Revenue Service.

The most popular program is the IRS offer in compromise because it settles your debt for pennies on the dollar but you must be sure you qualify for this type of settlement or you will waste your money.

People such as you have given thousands of dollars to companies promising the settlements but there are qualifiers that the taxpayer must be aware of before they throw their money at somebody. When you call most companies a salesperson picks up the phone but fresh start tax will have a true IRS tax expert talk to you about your situation.

As a former IRS agent in teaching and structure of the offer in compromise I can let you know well ahead of time whether your offer will have any chance of acceptance and will be able settle your debt for the lowest allowable amount allowed by law if you qualify. Whatever you do do not be fooled by other companies.

When you call other tax settlement companies you are usually speaking to a salesperson who doesn’t know beans about offers in compromise what is trying to up sell you on the settlement.


Offers in Compromise, the OIC, this is known as the pennies on a dollar program.


I am a former IRS agent and teaching instructor of the offer in compromise or tax debt settlement program along with other IRS programs and systems.

We have over 60 years of direct work experience in the local, district, and regional tax offices of the Internal Revenue Service. We are true IRS experts who understand the IRS collection system.

All our work is done in-house and we are used by other firms to do their backend work.

You can call us today for free initial tax consultation and find out if you are a true offer in compromise tax debt settlement candidate.


Due to the IRS new fresh start initiative set out by the Internal Revenue Service many more taxpayers are eligible for the tax debt settlement.


Before a taxpayer or client thinks about the filing of an offer in compromise they should check out the IRS offer in compromise pre-qualifier tool first.

You can walk to the pre-qualifier tool on our site or call us today to learn more about it. The pre-qualifier tool has been put there by Internal Revenue Service to make sure you are not ripped off by tax settlement companies.

We will not file an offer in compromise or accept any fee for any client unless we know they are qualified for the program.

So if we send in your offer in compromise, you probably do have a pretty good chance of getting it accepted.

It is important to know you will that all back tax returns will have to be filed, up-to-date and current on the IRS computer system before the Internal Revenue Service will accept an offer in compromise.


IRS Tax Statistics for the OIC.


Last year there were 78,000 offers in compromise were filed with the Internal Revenue Service, 38% of those were accepted for an average of $6500 per case.Keep in mind this is a national average and varies from case to case is completely dependent on your current financial statement.

Also keep in mind your offer may be worked by any person throughout the United States.

About 20% of all offers in compromise go to the Appellate Division for settlement. Many times your best settlements occur when your case goes to the appellate division for review and the person needs to settle your case.

You should know that not everyone is an offer in compromise candidate to settle their tax debt.

There are many companies out there today advertising pennies on the dollar and if you are not a true qualified candidate you should not be giving your money to any firm.

The advice I give everyone is to speak to the person who is working your case and let them explain why you are a qualified candidate for the offer in compromise.

Make sure you are eligible for the OIC. Do not give your money to any company firm or otherwise until you know you are a qualified candidate.


Before IRS can consider your offer, you must be current with all filing and payment requirements.


You are not eligible if you are in an open bankruptcy proceeding.When you are in a bankruptcy proceeding IRS literally freezes all activity on your account.

Submitting your offer or OIC to the Internal Revenue Service.

You’ll find step-by-step instructions and all the forms for submitting an offer in the Offer in Compromise Booklet, Form 656-B (PDF).


Your completed offer package will include:


• Form 433-A (OIC) (individuals) or 433-B (OIC) (businesses) and all required documentation as specified on the forms;

• Form 656(s) – individual and business tax debt (Corporation/ LLC/ Partnership) must be submitted on separate Form 656;

• $186 application fee (non-refundable); and

• Initial payment (non-refundable) for each Form 656.

Keep in mind IRS will process no offer in compromise until all documents are in the sent file.

Selecting a payment option for the offer in compromise program


Your initial payment will vary based on your offer and the payment option you choose:

• IRS Lump Sum Cash:

Submit an initial payment of 20 percent of the total offer amount with your application. Wait for written acceptance, then pay the remaining balance of the offer in five or fewer payments.

• IRS Periodic Payment:


Submit your initial payment with your application. Continue to pay the remaining balance in monthly installments while the IRS considers your offer.

If accepted, you must continue to pay monthly until it is paid in full.


While your offer in compromise is being evaluated:

• Your non-refundable payments and fees will be applied to the tax liability (you may designate payments to a specific tax year and tax debt);

• A Notice of Federal Tax Lien may be filed;

• Other collection activities are suspended;

• The legal assessment and collection period is extended;

• Make all required payments associated with your offer;

• You are not required to make payments on an existing installment agreement; and

• Your offer is automatically accepted if the IRS does not make a determination within two years of the IRS receipt date. This very rarely happens but from time to time you get lucky and win the lottery.

Other: IRS tax relief programs

Many taxpayers for a variety of reasons cannot qualify for an offer in compromise and IRS has four other buckets of ways they close cases once they were open in the IRS collection


They are as followed:


Hardship, payment agreement, statute of expiration, bankruptcy.


1. For those who are financially strapped and qualify, IRS has a currently non-collectible program in which taxpayers who qualify IRS will temporarily suspend their case between one and three years and then kick the case out later and re-review the financial statement.

Approximately 40% of all people who are in the current IRS collection Q wind up in a temporarily non-collectible file.

2. While other people based on their current financial statement can make a payment arrangement with the Internal Revenue Service. Approximately 6.5 billion people wind up in payment agreements because of their current financial statement. The Internal Revenue Service will use the national standard test to make sure the agreement is fair and reasonable.

3. Others qualify because the statute of limitation has expired on their tax assessments. As a general rule IRS has approximately 10 years to collect all cases. we can pull IRS tax transcripts to find out how close you are to having your statute of limitations expired.

4. While others can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding. We were review with you each of the criteria when you call us.


Important hardship, payment agreement, statute of limitations,

Tax Return Note:


As a side note, taxpayers should be aware that all tax returns must be filed before they can have an approved offer in compromise. Before IRS will work an offer in compromise to settle your tax debt they will want all tax returns filed and they will want to make sure you are current on your ES payments or your withholding in the current year we are in.

If you submitted an offer in compromise and IRS finds your tax returns are not file they will return the offer to you.

We could prepare all back returns for you with little or no records.Please keep in mind that IRS can file your tax returns under 6020 B of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Internal Revenue Service keeps records for six years of all income source documents which means IRS has all your W-2s and 1099s.

As former IRS agents we know the system and understand all the protocols to get you the very best result possible.

Our founder has been on FOX Business news as well as NBC. Mr. Sullivan is also contributed to Bloomberg news as well as the Wall Street Journal.

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Mr. Michael D. Sullivan

Michael D. Sullivan is the founder of MD Sullivan Tax Group. He had a distinguished career with the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer / Agent, he served as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist.

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