As a general rule there are five options you have if you owe back tax debt.


We are the true tax experts, we have worked thousands of cases. Being former IRS agents gives us a unique advantage over the competition because we know every system, every strategy and every methodology that IRS can employ.

Use our experience to benefit you.

The general myth that is in the public today is that you can settle for pennies on the dollar.

While that is true you must be a true qualified candidate for the IRS offer in compromise program to settle back tax debt.

So here is the process to determine how you can dispose of an IRS tax debt.


First and foremost the IRS will require a current financial statement and that is generally on a form 433F or 433A depending on where your cases in the IRS system. You can download the forms on our website.

IRS will expect that financial statement to be documented fully including bank statements, pay stubs, copy of all expenses and any other document that applies in your particular situation. The Internal Revenue Service conducts a mini audit on your financial statement. Since IRS spends so much time reviewing your case using the financial statement we understand the system to put you in the best spotlight with IRS. We spend a lot of time reviewing your financial statement and making adjustments were possible to get you the best result.

The Full compliance check.

It is of utmost importance for you to know that the Internal Revenue Service will conduct a full compliance check which means that Internal Revenue Service will make sure all your tax returns are filed, up to date, and you are currently are making estimate payments or have sufficient withholding being taken out in the year you call IRS so you will not incur a problem again. IRS does not like repeat and habitual offenders.

Tax Return Status.

If you have back tax returns that you need to file to get current to comply with the IRS requirements we can have our former IRS  agents who know every single tax lawoption  to ensure that you will pay the lowest amount by law file your returns and get them on official record .

Many people say well I don’t have sufficient records to prepare my tax returns?

That is not a problem for us, we can pull back IRS transcripts to find out what your income for the past six years and we  can reconstruct your tax return based on IRS reconstructive methods and still ensure you pay the lowest amount by law.

There are five general options to close out a tax debt case. Most Common:


1. You can pay the tax liability in full and if you need a couple of weeks or a couple of months IRS will entertain that and allow you time enough to cut them a check. As a general rule we file a power of attorney, speak to the Internal Revenue Service and let them know of the full payment date.

2. You can make a payment plan. There are various payment plan options available and when you call our office we will review your current financial statement and walk you through the various programs the internal revenue has to pay them.

Payment plans are based on your current financial statement and your ability to pay. IRS will also take an online payment if you meet and fit the criteria.

3. Your case can be put in a currently not collectible or hardship.

If you have more expenses and income and you live the means test of the national standard program , IRS can temporarily suspend your case. That suspension could last one to three years. IRS will re-review the case in a period of time.The downside to this program is that penalties and interest still run, the upside is that IRS is off your back for a period in season of time.

4.You can file a bankruptcy to help stop and delay IRS. As a general rule chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 may apply to certain cases. We can review those options with you.

5. The statute of limitations.

IRS has 10 years to collect back taxes from the day your taxes as assessed. The day your taxes assessed means the day IRS puts your tax return onto their computer system for the first time. The general statute of limitations runs 10 years from that date of assessment. There are actions that extend the statute of limitations such as filing of a collection due process, bankruptcy, or litigation and there are other factors.

When you use our company you will never have to talk to IRS.

We handle all communication we treat you with dignity respect and most of our clients become more friends.

If you are having a problem paying your back tax debt you can call our office and speak to true IRS tax experts you have over 200 years of direct professional work experience and over 100 years working at Internal Revenue Service.

When you call our office you will speak to true IRS tax experts who have worked thousands of cases.

As former  IRS agents  we know all the systems the methodologies in the most efficient ways to close any IRS tax case. Former IRS agents know the system better than anyone else.



Mr. Michael D. Sullivan

Michael D. Sullivan is the founder of MD Sullivan Tax Group. He had a distinguished career with the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer / Agent, he served as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist.

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