Used by the residents of the Florida Keys for years. We are the Affordable, Experienced Professional Local Tax Firm, since 1982. A plus rated. We know IRS inside and out !!!


We are used by the residents of the FLORIDA KEYS since 1982.

We have clients all through the FLORIDA KEYS. We have practiced in South Florida since 1982 and have worked thousands of cases of South Floridians through the years.

We worked out of the local South Florida IRS offices as managers, instructors, and supervisors.

The bottom line is we know all the systems and IRS and know the fastest and affordable ways to resolve any IRS problem.

We have over 100 years of direct IRS work experience in the local, district, and regional tax offices of the Internal Revenue Service.

Make one free call and find out the truth. Skype us today!


IRS tax problems come in all sorts of ways.


From not filing, owing back tax debt, IRS tax audits, business tax problems, appeals and ANY other tax issue problem.

If you have not filed your tax return our team of former IRS agents and CPA’s can prepare all your back tax returns will reconstruct them if you have no records. We can work out a tax settlement at the same time.


Owing Back Tax Debt to the IRS


If you owe back tax debt we can let you know exactly how IRS is going to work your case. Once we take a current financial statement we can inform you how the IRS will generally close your case, usually one of three ways.

They can put your case into a currently not collectible, ask for a payment agreement or we may advise you that you can set your tax debt for pennies on the dollar.

* see more below on back taxed owed below.


IRS Tax Audits


If IRS sends you nasty gram advising that they will audit your tax return, we can go ahead and have our former IRS agents, managers and teaching instructors can give you the best possible IRS audit tax defense. A tax attorney can represent you if we need to go to tax court.

IRS Tax Appeals With Former IRS agents, CPAs, a tax attorney or a tax lawyer.

Appeals also is our specialty and our former IRS agents and tax attorney regularly go to appeals if results are not as expected.


Back Business Tax Debt & Tax Returns & Tax Filings


Any time you owe back business tax debt the IRS will conduct a full compliance check. A full compliance check means that IRS will pull your working individual history and your business history to see what taxes are owed and what tax returns remain Unfiled.

The Internal Revenue Service will work both cases at the same time.

Back Payroll taxes are a concern for Internal Revenue Service because these taxes are actually not a tax but trust funds that is, a company holds for the benefit of there employees.

When taxes are not paid a red flag is raised and IRS makes every possible effort to collect payroll taxes and go after the responsible individuals whose job it was to collect and turn over back taxes.

IRS we use every avenue of enforced collections to do so. I should know, I am a former revenue officer who used to work cases and I know the very best tax defense.

We can go ahead and file all your Unfiled payroll tax returns and settle your debt all at the same time.

It is critical that you understand that you do not want IRS the filing your tax delinquent tax returns for you. 6020b will become a problem!

Under 6020 B of the Internal Revenue Code, the IRS has the right to prepare your back payroll tax returns if you do not voluntarily file them. this will be nothing but trouble for you.

IRS can set up a personal assessment against you and collect the tax as though you owe individual income taxes. Yes, you can be held personally responsible for the back payroll taxes. You can be subject to tax levies and tax liens.


Personal Responsibility for Payroll Taxes, BEWARE.


If the IRS has found you a responsible person for the trust fund penalty, call us today for free initial tax consultation and we will walk you through the process of resolving this tax at once and for all.

As former IRS agents, we set up trust fund penalties against responsible persons for corporate or businesses that owed back payroll taxes.

If a company can no longer pay their back payroll taxes, the Internal Revenue Service has the right under 6672 to set up the trust fund debt against those who are held responsible. This is called the trust fund penalty.

Who Can Be Responsible for the Trust Fund Taxes, code section 6672. Can it Be You?

IRS will take a look at anybody that had any control of the business.

Such as:

An officer or an employee of a corporation;
A member or employee of a partnership;
A corporate director or shareholder or member;
A member of a board of trustees of a nonprofit organization, or anyone deemed to be responsible;
Other persons with authority and who had control over funds to direct their disbursement;
Those who consultation and with full knowledge chose not to pay the payroll tax liability.

You’ll know if you are one of persons because you will receive IRS form 2751 & 1153 indicating a proposed notice of assessment against you.

As soon as we review your case we can instantly tell you ways to help resolve your problem.


Options for Back IRS Tax Debt


Being former IRS agents and managers we know every possible solution to remedy this tax debt. We can resolve and possibly reduce your tax obligation.

How the Internal Revenue Service will work your case if you owe back payroll IRS tax debt.

IRS will require a 433A or 433F, an individual financial statement.

Many times the IRS uses 433F, depending were the cases in the system. Cases worked in the ACS system uses a shorter version of the financial statement.

If the case is worked in the local office the revenue officer will use form 433.A

That financial statement will need to be fully documented along with bank statements, copies of checks and monthly expenses.

We will walk you through the process of how the IRS will work your case in the collection action that can possibly be taken.

Will also review with you the IRS national standards program on all cases for those who owe back taxes.

Once IRS reviews your current financial statement they will make a determination and generally put you in one of two categories with the option of filing an offer in compromise.


IRS will generally close your case by:

1.IRS determines on 40% of the cases that taxpayers are put into hardship which means they can’t pay the tax at this time.

Sometimes it is called currently not collectible. Cases that are an issue at currently not collectible or hardship stay in there for a period of 2 to 3 years and come back out to the field at a later time.

2. 6.5 million people enter monthly payment plans and pay a certain amount based on their current documented financial statement.

Other taxpayers file an offer in compromise to settle their case for pennies on the dollar. The offer in compromise requires a lot of skill and expertise to have accepted by the Internal Revenue Service.


Call us today for free initial tax consultation. Hear the truth!

We are a full-service firm with a specialty in expertise in all IRS matters.

We have over 200 years of professional tax experience and can fully resolve any IRS problem especially if you owe business tax debt and wish to settle with the Internal Revenue Service.

We can prepare all back tax filings and resolve your individual, business, or corporate tax problem.


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Michael D. Sullivan is the founder of MD Sullivan Tax Group. He had a distinguished career with the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer / Agent, he served as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist.

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