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IRS Federal Tax Debt Relief


Despite what you hear on TV about every one being able to settle their tax debt for pennies on the dollar, there is a realization that all taxpayers can settle their tax debt. The airwaves, media outlets and social sites are putting in the minds of people who IRS is willing to settle these tax debts.

It is time to understand the truth.

As a former IRS agent and teaching instructor it was my job to teach new revenue officers how to collect back tax debt.

The information your hearing is the only truthful information that you need to know regarding relieving yourself of a federal or state tax obligation.


How IRS Will Deal With a Federal IRS Tax Debt


IRS has a very specific system to deal with federal tax debt.

Throughout the United States there must be a oneness and a fairness  so all taxpayers are treated equally. With that said, many taxpayers who owe under $25,000 can simply go online and make a payment agreement as long as they meet all of the qualifications.


Filing All Tax Returns


One of the qualifications that hold most people up on settling your IRS tax debt is the fact that all federal tax returns have to be filed.

IRS will not close a case in their working inventory nor take you off of the IRS enforcement computer unless you are in full compliance with all filings. It is a must and IRS will not compromise on this issue.

If you need to file back tax returns contact us and we can file all your tax returns with or without records. If you’ve lost your tax records we can pull IRS tax transcripts and reconstruct your tax returns and get you back in the system worry free.

For those of you who cannot enter an online payment program  with the Internal Revenue Service, the IRS has a particular format in place to decide how they are going to deal with your federal tax debt.

IRS uses tw/three forms to make those determinations.

Those cases at the service center will use form 433F, and those in the local office, mainly revenue officers will use the 433 a. If you have a business they will assist you fill out the 433B which is a business financial statement.

After the IRS receives these financial statements they will insist that all documentation accompanying the financial statements be presented to them as well.

They will ask for the last six months with the bank statements, verification of all expenses, pay stubs, and any other pertinent information to determine collectability. Basically, IRS is conducting a mini audit on your financial statement to verify that you are truthful and accurate for them to make a correct decision.

IRS has also a format as to what expenses that they will allow because they cannot allow people to spend what they want and not pay federal taxes.


The IRS has a list of all allowable expenses and their boundaries that they will allow.

These boundaries have been set up by the Department of Labor and are used by the United States trustee in bankruptcy court so all federal agencies use the same guidelines and boundaries.

IRS will insist that you stay within the boundaries in:

1.housing and utilities, and clothing, payments, and,

4. insurance.

The federal charts are available on our website or you can contact us today and we can review the process.


How Will IRS Proceed To Close Your Case

IRS after a careful review of your financial statement and documentation IRS will generally will conclude one of three closing methods.

Number one:

IRS may determine that you’re in a current hardship in place you into a non-collectible file.

The good news is you will not have to make payments or deal with IRS for a period of 1 to 3 years however penalties and interest will still run. IRS will bring the case back out to the field to review at a later time within a prescribed period of time.

IRS will place a refund freeze on your account so all refunds go to the Internal Revenue Service. If you fail to file another tax return on time or pay it in full your case will automatically be generated back to the field. If IRS does this are going to be a lot stricter in working your case

40% of all open cases and IRS collection inventory are placed in hardship.


Number two:

IRS may determine after a careful review of your income and expenses that you are a payment, installment or a monthly agreement candidate.

IRS will discuss with you after review of that statement exactly how much that payment will be and set up the terms of that agreement.

6.5 million taxpayers enter into monthly payment agreements, with one-third of all taxpayers default.


Number three:

After a review of your financial statement it could be determined that you are an offer in compromise or tax debt settlement candidate which means you can settle for pennies on the dollar.

The offer in compromise is not for everyone and we are very careful to proceed and filing your offer  unless you’re a truly qualified candidate.

We will review your current financial statement to see if we can settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar. We will file no offer in compromise unless we know with a reasonable degree of high accuracy your offer will be accepted by the Internal Revenue Service.

This is an area were more companies rip taxpayers off making them think or believe IRS is going to settle their cases. There is a very specific formula, guidelines and charts that IRS uses to settle their tax debt. I am more warning you now, don’t be fooled by other companies.

Last year, 78,000 offers in compromise were filed, IRS accepted 38% for an average of $9500. But keep in mind this was just a national average.

If you want to hear the truth about IRS tax debt relief help and whether you’re eligible for a tax settlement or want to find out if you can be a payment agreement candidate or you may be placed in hardship, call us today for a free initial tax consultation and you will learn the truth.

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