We are Christian tax debt services firm that specializes in IRS Tax Debt Relief for Back Tax Debt and Unfiled returns. Since 1982<><

If you have any problem with the Internal Revenue Service it only makes sense to hire former IRS agents who know the system. We are a biblical based tax firm. Feel free to ask us about our Christian faith.

We have a nationwide tax practice that services Christians throughout the United States. The writer of this blog has been the seminary and teaches Bible study on a weekly basis.

Since 1982, we have been practicing IRS tax debt relief services. We are a biblical based tax firm<><.  As a Christian you should always seek godly counsel.


IRS Tax Debt Relief Services For Back Taxes + Former IRS + Christian Tax Services Debt Relief + Charlotte, Springfield, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Knoxville


Our firm has over 100 years of direct IRS work experience in the local, district and regional offices. Our staff is composed of former IRS agents, supervisors, managers, and teaching instructors.

As a result of all our knowledge, we know all the systems, methodologies, and every possible way possible to get you the fastest, most affordable, and the most effective IRS tax debt relief possible.

IRS deals with billions of dollars of tax debt on any given calendar year.

IRS has a very specific system that is used, that is a nationwide and/or worldwide system to deal with IRS tax debt.




When dealing with a taxpayer who owes back taxes, one of the first things IRS does when they work a case is to conduct a full compliance check.

A full compliance check means that the IRS will check on the filing statuses of every year to make sure you are in full compliance and they will request and mandate that all tax returns are on the IRS system before they will close your case off the enforcement computer.

If you have not filed all tax returns we can file all back tax returns and make sure you pay the lowest amount of tax by law. With or without tax records we can reconstruct your tax return because being former IRS agents we know the system. You should also know that if you have not filed for many back years IRS will only require filing of the last six years.

In some cases you can make an IRS payment agreement online if you meet the various requirements that IRS has. When you call our office we will let you know whether you qualify for an installment payment online.

For those of you who do not qualify for an online payment the Internal Revenue Service will require a current financial statement.

As a general rule, those financial statements will be on a form 433F, 433A.

If the cases at the service center the service center will request the F and if it is in the local office they will require the A. The Internal Revenue Service will a current financial statement fully documented along with bank statements, pay stubs, and copies of all expenses.

IRS will look to see if you have any assets that you can liquidate to pay in full and if that cannot be done there are two other options.

The first is the payment agreement and the second, you can be deemed currently not collectible and IRS can put you in a hardship status if you are truly having a financial hardship in your life.

Some taxpayers can qualify for an offer in compromise which they can settle their debt for pennies on a dollar.

Upon calling our office we first try to find out if you can settle your debt to completely extinguish the liability.

The offer in compromise is the very best way to completely take care of your IRS debt. There are very specific formulas to settle your debt and we make sure you are a qualified candidate to settle your IRS debt before taking any money and working your case.C


Call us today for a free initial tax consultation and we will let you know the best possible status given your current financial statement.

We are a full-service firm we can prepare all back tax returns, settle your case if necessary, and we can go to appeals if necessary. All our work is handled in-house by true IRS tax experts on IRS tax debt relief for back taxes.

When you call our office, you will speak to a true IRS tax expert and not a salesperson like most companies. Many times we share prayers with clients over the phone because many are caught up with the stress and worry and anxiety of their IRS situation their financial life or some find ourselves in a crisis.

We are a nationwide tax firm that does work not only in these United States but all over the world for any US citizen or any person that owes taxes to the United States Department of the Treasury.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We are available through Skype, through phone and for office visits for those located within the scope of our physical location.


IRS Tax Debt Relief Services For Back Taxes + What You Need Know, Former IRS = Christian Tax Services Debt Relief <><




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Mr. Michael D. Sullivan

Michael D. Sullivan is the founder of MD Sullivan Tax Group. He had a distinguished career with the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer / Agent, he served as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist.

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