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What does Sales Tax Audits usually look for: Cash Businesses, Easy Targets.

The state of Florida sales tax is hitting our gas station and convenience stores because of unreported cash income.

They find easy targets because they find people dealing in cash scared of the government. But you should not be scared because when you receive cash you still have many expenses.

What sales tax is currently doing is taking gross revenues and saying that 85% is taxable and adding penalties and interest without looking at any records or real numbers.

If this happens to you contact us today as we are what are your best source for state of Florida sales tax defense.

The state of Florida sales tax is doing this to streamline their processes and hoping that some people would bite to scared to answer the Department of revenue sales tax division.

Do not be scared of the state of Florida sales tax audit contact former agents who know the system.

Also a big no-no, if you have received a self audit notice from the state of Florida Department of revenue do not send that in it is a trap.

What to Expect from a Florida Tax Audit


The Florida Department of Revenue audits businesses to find out whether state taxes were collected, reported, and paid correctly.

Although an audit is an enforcement tool to monitor and evaluate tax compliance, it can also be educational and promote voluntary compliance.

During an audit, the Department can help businesses identify and correct bookkeeping problems that could cause additional tax liabilities.

Audits may not always result in an assessment of additional tax, penalty or interest. The auditor may adjust a credit carryover or correct distribution without assessing additional tax. The auditor may even determine that a refund is due.

How/Why Was I Selected for an Audit?


The methods of audit selection vary by tax. Some examples of sources used for audit selection are:

• Internal Revenue Service (IRS) information,
• Information sharing programs with other states and state agencies,
• Analysis of Florida tax return information.

When notified of the Department’s intent to audit, you will be informed as to what records you will need to provide.

The types of records needed may include, but are not limited to:

• General ledgers and journals
• Cash receipt and disbursement journals
• Purchase and sales journals
• Sales tax exemption or resale certificates
• Florida tax returns
• Federal tax returns
• Depreciation schedules
• Property records
• Other documentation to verify amounts entered on tax returns

You must keep your records for three years for auditing purposes.


The Department may also audit for periods longer than three years if you did not file a return or payment, or filed a return or payment that was substantially incorrect.

After the audit is complete, you may review the audit findings and proposed changes. The auditor will give you a copy of the work papers and explain your rights, including deadlines for filing protests.

If you agree with the audit findings, you are expected to pay the amount due in full, if any. You have the right to protest the proposed changes if you disagree with them.

Throughout the audit process, communication is vital.

After the Notice of Intent to Audit Books and Records is issued, the auditor will work with you to set a date to begin the audit. The auditor will give you deadlines for providing information or documentation.

If you need additional time to prepare, or need to request a delay for other reasons, contact the auditor. The auditor will make every effort to accommodate your requests.

If you fail to respond or provide the requested information, the Department may issue an assessment and file a warrant based on the best available information.

Call us for a free tax consult.

If you are going to undergo a Florida sales tax audit or need a second opinion call former agents who can give you true expert tax help who know all the negotiation tips and methodologies of Florida sales tax audits.



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