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We are a Christian tax firm that specializes in IRS and state tax problems. Since 1982 we have been resolving tax debt for thousands of taxpayers across the United States.

We have over 100 years of working directly for the Internal Revenue Service and the local, district, and regional tax offices of the IRS. We know the system inside and out.

If you received a letter, notice or tax bill from the IRS we can help. Stop the stress and resolve your IRS problem.

You will never have to speak to the IRS!     1-866-700-1040

Let Former IRS Agents, Managers and Tax Instructors take the worry out of this situation.



IRS Contacts Taxpayers by Letter or Notification 4 Different Ways:



So What Is Your Next Step?


First of all, do not panic.

The IRS is just trying to resolve an open issue.

Most IRS letters, notices or bills come with a time frame of ten to thirty days to respond to the notification.

You should respond within the time period specified or the IRS will follow up and eventually use enforcement action. If you do not respond to the IRS’s attempts to reach you they will hit you with a Federal Tax Lien, a Wage Levy on your paycheck or a Tax Lien on your bank account.

Contact Fresh Start Tax and our professionals will handle the IRS for you and resolve your problem.


IRS only sends out tax levies after a series of 5 letters are sent to the taxpayer. These are sent about 5 weeks apart.


1. CP 14  –  This is the notice of balance due,

2.CP 501 – This is a Bill that you still owe tax,

3. CP503 – Important, Immediate Action Required

4. CP 504 Urgent Notice – We Intend to Levy  on Certain Assets, Please Respond Now

5. CP90/CP297/ IRS Letter 1058 – Final Notice of Intent to Levy & Notice of Your Right to a Hearing

6.CP 91 CP298  – Final Notice Before Levy on your Social Security Benefits


Contact By Certified Mail


When IRS contacts you by certified mail it is time to be serious about the next step. The IRS has tried to contact you before to resolve the issue and has been unsuccessful.

Certified letters from the IRS usually means they are ready to take enforcement action. Unless you reach them within the prescribed period of time the IRS will probably levy your wages or bank account and file a Federal Tax Lien.

It is time to call your Fresh Start Tax Professional. In most cases, within a thirty day period of time, the IRS will send a wage levy to your employer, and or a bank levy to your bank accounts.

Whether you sign for the IRS certified mail or not, the 30 day period starts on the date of the IRS letter.

Before you make any contact with the IRS you want to know your rights so you don’t make the situation worse than it already is. This requires a plan of action. Contact Fresh Start Tax as soon as possible and we will contact the IRS immediately to stop any collection activity.


The CADE2 computer is the issuer of IRS Letters and Notices


The Internal Revenue Service is spending millions and millions of dollars on their CADE2 computer.  This is the computer giant that belongs to Internal Revenue Service and all its systems are held within this massive computer.

All IRS notices, letters and bills that go to taxpayers are generated from the system.

All the information that this computer generates is handled systemically and not a human hand will ever touch a piece of paper you receive.

To stop the issuance’s of IRS notices and  IRS letters you must contact an Internal Revenue Agent who can directly make changes to the CADE2 computer.

Usually you will find this on a 1-800 number on your letter, notice or bill.

If you do not contact the Internal Revenue Service at some point in time enforcement action will begin.

It is critical you contact the Internal Revenue Service at the number shown on Letter or Notice to stop or correct the problem or situation.

The worst thing you can do is not respond to the IRS notice her letter because I can assure you you will not be happy with the consequences.

I can tell you as a former IRS agent  these letters are notices will not go away.


As former IRS agents and teaching instructors we are aware of the next step IRS will take on every single case. You will never have to speak to Internal Revenue Service once we have a power of attorney.

We can lay out a tax strategy for you and we will guarantee you a flat fee billing so you know exactly the cost of these matters.

We handle everything from a biblical perspective and have handled thousands of cases for Christians all across the United States.

Please feel free to ask us about our faith.

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Mr. Michael D. Sullivan

Michael D. Sullivan is the founder of MD Sullivan Tax Group. He had a distinguished career with the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer / Agent, he served as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist.

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