If you owe back taxes to the IRS/State, you have several affordable options to resolve your back tax debt.<><

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Proverbs 12:15

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.

Proverbs 11:14

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.


FACT: Millions of taxpayers owe back taxes every year to the Internal Revenue Service and best guess estimates show there’s anywhere between 5 to 10 million people who do not fully pay their income taxes when filed.

They generally fall into two categories of people, those who have not had sufficient withholding taken out or self-employed individuals who simply never made or did not have enough estimate payments made to the Internal Revenue Service to cover their tax debt.

Both find themselves on the short end of the stick when it comes to tax season.

Many of these taxpayers never bother to file a tax return when they find out they owe tax fearing the worst or retribution from the Internal Revenue Service.

Many of these people fear the IRS levy on their bank or their wages or the filing of a federal tax lien. So what do most of these people do, many put their head in the sand and don’t bother to go ahead and do anything about the inevitable debt. However at some point in time they are going to have to deal with Uncle Sam and many will receive a nasty gram.

The fear is not as bad as people think. You have different options to resolve your IRS back tax debt and keep IRS out of your life and out of your back pocket.

Here are your different options if you owe back tax debt to the Internal Revenue Service.


About 6.5 million taxpayers a year make monthly installment agreements. Some of these can come in the form of online agreements. the ones do not fit the online agreement category must give IRS a current financial statement documented along with copies of pay stubs bank statements and they must understand the necessary living expense standards set up by Internal Revenue Service.

IRS will require a financial statement which is generally on a 433F to be fully reviewed fully documented before making a determination on allowing them to make an installment agreement.

Others simply cannot pay their back taxes and will ask IRS to be put in a hardship or are currently not collectible status. Those individuals going in the status must understand that the tax debt will be reviewed again in two or three years and penalties and interest will still run on the debt the entire time it is an uncollectible status.

Others can file for an offer in compromise to settle their tax debt for pennies on a dollar. With that said you must be a truly qualified candidate for the offer in compromise program.

As a former IRS agent, I was a teaching instructor for the offer and you must make sure you are a qualified candidate and not give your money to any firm unless you know you have a fair amount a chance to get your offer accepted

If you have any questions regarding owing back tax debt and the best way to resolve it based on your current financial statement please call us today for a free initial tax consultation and we will review with you the various programs IRS has in detail so you fully understand what the best option for you based on your current financial conditions.

If you are hiring a tax firm or a tax defense resolution company to represent you make sure they have former IRS agents on staff.

Check the Better Business Bureau records find out the length of time they been in business and check out the complaint history.It’s up to do your due diligence on a company before hiring them.

And lastly speak to the person who may be working your case. call us today for a free initial tax consultation and hear the truth about owing back taxes to the IRS or state.


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