Since 1982, A plus Rated, BBB. Former IRS Agents who know the system.


As former IRS agents we worked out of the local, district and regional tax offices of the South Florida IRS offices.

Over 200 years of professional tax experience.

We know all the systems, all the methodologies, to help completely resolve your IRS matter whether you have unfiled taxes are unpaid tax debt bills.

The bottom line, we are the affordable tax FIRM that knows the system, we are located in your backyard.

If you need tax help with the Internal Revenue Service and you received an IRS tax levy, or tax garnishment as a general rule we can get the tax levy or tax garnishment released within 24 hours of receiving your current financial statement.

If you have a federal tax lien we can explore the various options with you to find out how to get you immediate relief.

If you received a notice or letter from Internal Revenue Service that the government is trying to collect unpaid taxes and you need to file tax returns you may want to jump on this right away.

IRS considers this a double whammy.

IRS classifies cases by filing and paying status and if you have unfiled taxes and owe back tax, you got a double bonus with IRS and this is more of a serious nature to Internal Revenue Service than a simple filing issue.

The Internal Revenue Service will keep a close eye on this case.


I am a former IRS agent and teaching instructor and taxpayers that have not filed and paid their tax bill and have unpaid taxes our watched more closely because these cases can get out of hand a lot quicker and IRS want keep a tight watch to make sure these type of cases do not get out of control.


The dollar the unpaid taxes in the amount of tax returns not filed are a key issue to the IRS’s watchful eye.

IRS usually assigns more seasoned agents or officers on this case to make sure the taxpayer stays in both paying and filing compliance. This is why you may want to call us.

We are former IRS agents and managers who know the systems and methodologies involved in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service.

Whatever you do take this serious because IRS will tend to follow-up with enforcement action on these cases the get your attention.


What is enforcement action with the IRS:


You can probably expect the filing of a federal tax lien, the possibility of wage or bank levy garnishments and maybe a knock on your door asking for a financial statement in the threat of virus seizing assets.

A simple call to the IRS giving them the information they need will stop IRS.

By giving us a simple power of attorney and retaining us, we can stop the IRS and work out an agreement that you can live with and in the meantime file your returns to keep IRS happy.


How does IRS settle back taxes:


As former IRS agents we are asked many times how IRS settles back debt cases.

As a general rule, IRS will take a current documented financial statement om a 433F or 433A.

After IRS reviews your financial statements and applies their national, regional, localized standards IRS will determine to either place your account in a temporary hardship, ask for a monthly payment agreement or you may be eligible for an offer in compromise to settle your tax debt.

The financial statement will be the key to the result of your case if you will back taxes. This is usually on a form 433 A or 433F. These forms must be fully documented for Internal Revenue Service.


Call us today for a free initial tax consultation.


When you call our office you will speak to a true IRS tax expert.

We have over 200 years of combined IRS work experience, over 100 years of direct IRS work experience and have worked thousands of cases.

We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and been in practice since 1982.

Once again if you need tax help and you received an IRS tax levy, tax lien, tax garnishment or undergoing an IRS tax audit, call us today and we can give you the very best advice by using our former IRS experience to render you the best decision possible.


Tampa, Orlando + Affordable IRS Tax Debt Relief Help + We Know the System + Former IRS + Stop Levy’s, Liens, Garnishments, IRS Audits, Received IRS Tax Notices or Letters, IRS Settlements


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Mr. Michael D. Sullivan

Michael D. Sullivan is the founder of MD Sullivan Tax Group. He had a distinguished career with the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer / Agent, he served as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist.

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