If you are dealing with a back IRS issue you have many options to choose.

We are former IRS agents and managers and know how to negotiate because we know the system.

As former IRS agents and managers we worked out of the local South Florida IRS offices.


We worked as revenue officers, revenue agents, appellate officers, office auditors, and know every aspect of the internal workings of the Internal Revenue Service.

We know every system, negotiation tool and every type of IRS payment arrangements to negotiate your best tax settlement.

Each taxpayer must understand the IRS system to know how to deal with the Internal Revenue Service.’s

The IRS has an outstanding assessment or a bill against anyone who owes back taxes.

It is the IRS’s sole discretion on how they will collect the money from the taxpayer.

For some people who will owe back taxes IRS has the ability to put their case into a currently non-collectible file or hardship status. With that thought in mind, the IRS uncollectible hardship status can last between one and three years however the cases eventually come back to the field to review a current financial statement and to make a new determination.

The good news is IRS’s off your back temporarily, the bad news is penalties that the penalties and interest still run.

Keep in mind the IRS will be back to reevaluate your case.


On some lucky taxpayers IRS can keep your case and hardship or non-collectible for the 10 year statutory period of time which is 10 years and you become officially off the books and owe no more money to IRS.


For others, IRS may ask for a monthly payment agreement and there are basically two ways to get an IRS payment agreement.

When you call our office we will go into detail with you on how to achieve your goal to make sure that IRS does not get into much your business and you can manage your tax debt.

IRS deals with debt under $50,000 one way and over $50,000 another way.

On those who owe over $50,000 a current financial statement will be necessary and the needed to be fully documented to settle or negotiate your case with the Internal Revenue Service.


Other taxpayers can settle their debt through the filing of an offer in compromise however the offer in compromise is not for everyone.


IRS has a prequalifying tool or we can walk through your financial statement and let you know whether you can set settle your debt for pennies on a dollar.


Other factors to keep in mind:

All your tax returns need to be filed and on the system.

They don’t need to be paid but all returns need to be filed because IRS will conduct a full compliance check before they work or close any case.

Call us today and learn how you can get placed in a non-collectible hardship status, make a payment arrangement, negotiate payment plans or settle your case for pennies on a dollar through an offer in compromise.

We are a full-service tax firm with all our work being done in-house.

Since 1982 we have been a full service tax firm dealing with clients and taxpayers in the South Florida office.

We can represent you from a single IRS notice or letter through any collection procedure, going through a tax audit, going to appeals division, and pretrial work.


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Mr. Michael D. Sullivan

Michael D. Sullivan is the founder of MD Sullivan Tax Group. He had a distinguished career with the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer / Agent, he served as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist.

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