Do You Need Help?  Have received an IRS tax bill notice on IRS back taxes, there are many choices you have to resolve your IRS case.


As former IRS agents we can help you through the process and end your IRS problem. we need we can explain all your options and help remedy your problem immediately.

You can come by and visit our offices, Skype us, or set up an initial free tax consultation.

We have worked thousands of cases since 1982 in our true IRS tax specialty experts on back taxes and on filing tax returns.

We the affordable and experienced team of local tax experts.

There are various means of paying back taxes to IRS. As former IRS agents we will explain your options. A tax settlement may be in your future.

As a former IRS agent and teaching instructor with IRS you should know as a general rule someone with more experience will work your IRS collection case.

That person will have a lot of experience looking for assets and more carefully evaluating your current financial statement.

Your current financial statement holds the key to tax negotiation with the Internal Revenue Service.

Success comes by knowing the system and understanding what it takes to close an IRS case.


IRS takes a closer look at all cases large dollar especially the financial statements, the IRS is looking for the ability of the taxpayer to pay the back tax. As a former IRS agent this was part of my job.

One of the first tasks of IRS is to make sure all back tax returns are filed and current in the system.

IRS will not close out any open taxpayer inventory case unless all back tax returns are filed and the taxpayer is current on estimated tax payments or their withholding is up-to-date.

IRS is a stickler on this because they don’t want the problem of the back tax debt recurring.

So, how will IRS work your case? I Owe The IRS, What Is The Next Step

The Internal Revenue Service will ask the taxpayer to fill out an IRS form 433A.

You can find that on our site or on the government site. IRS will expect that form to be fully completed fully documented along with copies of the last six months bank statements, copies of all monthly expenditures,bills and a copy of pay stubs.

IRS will conduct a thorough review on that financial statement. That financial statement holds the key to success on your case therefore the filling out the documentation the analysis and what goes on this statement is paramount.

The internal revenue service can go through great lengths to do due diligence on your case. They have many search engines at their disposal.

They will check Department of motor vehicle,records public records, credit reports, insurance policies and a plethora of other information found on internal systems used by different federal and state government agencies.


IRS knows much more about you than you can possibly imagine. You must make sure you still out your financial statement truthfully and accurately. That’s why it is best a true tax professional provide the necessary tax help to resolve your problem.


After this review of the financial statement the Internal Revenue Service generally has various buckets of closing programs that the taxpayer can be put into as a result of their current financial statement.

The importance of filling out your financial statement and giving it to IRS is the key to success and failure.


I could never tell you how important the financial statement as it will determine the outcome with Internal Revenue Service.


As a general rule these are the buckets or the closing methods IRS will use to resolve your case.


Bucket One.

Currently uncollectible or hardship cases

If the Internal Revenue Service looks at your current financial statement and determines that your expenses exceed your income and you fall within the necessary means test, IRS can place your case in this non-collectible status.

There is good news and bad news within the status.

The good news is IRS will probably suspend your case between one and three years and kick it out for review a couple of years later, the bad news is the penalties and interest still run and the debt gets larger.

Bucket Two.

Installment agreements or monthly payments

If after the Internal Revenue Service looks at your current financial statement and they determine that you have more income than the necessary standards of meeting tests, IRS will ask for a monthly payment based on that financial statement. Hiring a tax professional can assure that IRS does not grab more money than necessary on or review of your financial statement. There are different monthly installment agreements and we will review with you your options upon your free consultation.

Bucket Three.

Offer in Compromise

This is called the pennies on a dollar program that you see advertised on TV however the offer in compromise is not for everyone.

I am a former IRS agent and teacher of the offer in compromise.

Approximately 32,000 taxpayers a year can settle their debt for pennies on the dollar, the average settlement is $9500 a year and I caution and warn taxpayers who submit offers in compromise to go through the IRS pre-qualifier tool to find out if they can truly settle their tax debt.

As a former IRS agent I carefully will walk through your financial statement and if you have any chance of being accepted for the offer I will walk you through the program and submit the offer in compromise.

Bucket Four.

Statute of limitations

IRS has 10 years to collect on their back tax debt, the period starts from the date of the assessment. The date of the assessment is the time that IRS had to put your case on the computer at the start the billing process. Various factors will extend the statute such as bankruptcy, the filing of the CDP, or the filing of offer but as a general rule after the 10 year date of assessment date your case goes away by federal statute,

Bucket Five


Yes, Bankruptcy, many taxpayers are unaware that you could file a bankruptcy, a chapter 7 the discharge debt.

As a general rule the taxes have to be three years or older, assessed for more than 240 days and the tax returns have to be filed for at least two years. there are also different chapters in bankruptcy such as an 11 and 13 that a taxpayer can be qualified by speaking to a true bankruptcy expert.

When you call our office we will walk you through the various programs after review of your current financial statement. when calling our office you do speak to true IRS tax experts.

Call us for a free initial tax consultation and we will walk you through the process of dealing with the Internal Revenue Service.

As former IRS agents we know the processes and systems to get you immediate and permanent IRS  tax relief.


Do You Need Help?  Have received an IRS tax bill notice on IRS back taxes there are many choices you have to resolve your IRS case.

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Mr. Michael D. Sullivan

Michael D. Sullivan is the founder of MD Sullivan Tax Group. He had a distinguished career with the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer / Agent, he served as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist.

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